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Varicose Vein Stockings

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Varicose Vein Stockings

  • Provides comfort and controlled compression to legs
  • It gives great relief to tired, aching, heavy, tingling and burning, numb legs, ankles and feet.


Vitane’s Varicose Vein Stockings is ideal for Varicosity of limb veins. Varicose Vein is basically visible swollen and distorted veins that lie beneath the skin mainly in the legs and could be due to long hours of standing, pregnancy, overweight etc . Quadriceps strain is an inflammation and pain in the front of the thigh. It is characterized by aching, pain, heaviness, inability to walk or stand for long hours thus hindering work, ankle swelling, and a brownish-blue shiny skin discoloration near the affected veins.Compression of varicose veins slows down the progression of varicose vein and their re-occurrence.

Varicose Vein Stockings provide controlled compression to the legs to squeeze abnormal back flow of blood towards the heart. They provide requisite pressure to the superficial affected veins. Strong and durable. Optimal compression, Excellent aesthetics, Retains body heat effectively. Provides therapeutic warmth, Quicker healing. Uniform compression even on uneven limb surface. Offers graded compression high to low from toe upwards. Effective blood evacuation.

Measure Circumference of thigh

Size Inches Cm
Small 17-19 42.5-47.5
Medium 19-21 47.5-52.5
Large 21-23 52.5-57.5
X Large 23-26 57.5-65
XX Large 26-28 65-70

(NOTE:- Before placing the order, please measure the circumference of thigh)

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