Open Patella Knee cap

Open Patella Knee Cap

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  • Improves healing and keeps joints & muscle flexible
  • For arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains & strains.
  • Rubber ring helps to guide the patella position.


Vitane’s Open Patella Knee Cap is ideal for Patellar femoral Arthritis(Pain in front of knee), arthritic knee conditions, minor sprains and strains. It is effectively designed to provide stabilization, compression, grip and support to the weak or unstable knee. It provides therapeutic support in arthritis, patellar dislocations  (injury of knee) , knee pain, sports injuries and knee postoperative management. Arthritis is the group of conditions which involves damage to joints characterized by swelling and severe pain, cartilage thins and reduce ability of tissues to stretch and reduced production of synovial fluid in joint capsule.

Measure Circumference of Knee

Size Body wt. in kg  Inches  Cm
Small Below 40 11-13 27.5-32.5
Medium 40-65 13-16 32.5-40
Large 65-90 16-19 40-47.5
X Large 90-115 19-22 47.5-50

(NOTE:- Before placing the order, please measure the circumference of knee)

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