Knee Stabilizer

Knee Stabilizer

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  • Ensures comfortable fitting and helps in diagnosis and treatment of patellar instability and patellofemoral pain as well as reduces pain in patella syndrome
  • Helps guide the patella back into proper alignment with gentle pressure from the lateral to medial direction.
  • Provides protection and stabilization during activities, prevents dislocation


Vitane’s Knee Stabilizer is ideal for Patella(Kneecap)Instability, Patellar femoral pain (pain in front of knee), Medial and lateral ligament pain and Meniscus injuries. It  is ideal emergency care for fractures or Muscle / ligament / tendon/ sports injury or dislocations around the knee. Controls patellar movement and stabilizes weak or injured knee. A meniscus tear is a common knee injury. The meniscus is a rubbery, C-shaped disc that cushions your knee. Patellar dislocation is an injury of the knee, typically caused by a direct blow or a sudden twist of the leg.

Measure Circumference of Knee

Size Body wt. in kg  Inches  Cm
Small Below 40 11-13 27.5-32.5
Medium 40-65 13-16 32.5-40
Large 65-90 16-19 40-47.5
X Large 90-115 19-22 47.5-50

(NOTE:- Before placing the order, please measure the circumference of knee)

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