Paediatric Arm sling

Pediatric Arm Sling

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  • Specially made for kids in nursery patterned fabric.
  • Support to the arm or shoulder in case of closed or surgical management of strain, sprain, fractures & dislocation.
  • adjustable broad shoulder pad reduces pressure on neck and shoulder, with a thumb loop inside the fabric for resting the hand when desired.


Vitane’s Pediatric Arm Sling is ideal for fractures, crack, joint dislocation etc in kids.

Fracture occurs when bone breaks. It may crack, snap or shatter. After a fracture, new bone cells fill the gap and repair the break. A stronger plaster cast is applied to keep the bone in correct position until it heals. Joint dislocation is a displacement of bone from a joint, with tearing of ligaments, tendons and articular capsules. Joint dislocation is most common for shoulder joint.

For kids aged between

Year Inches Cm
4-8 5-6 12.5-15
8-12 6-7 15-17.5

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