Vitane’s Orthopedic Supports

Vitane’s Orthopedic Products are designed to address the lifelong bone and joint health needs of patients of all ages, helping them to achieve a more active and mobile lifestyle.

Vitane’s Orthopedic Support offers high quality products that meets International Standards and offers a wide range of support products to take care of deformity correction, fracture fixation, foot and ankle sprains.

Orthopedic Support

Sale Abdominal BeltAbdominal Belt 20 cm

Abdominal Belt

 570.00  370.00
ankle binderAnkle Binder

Ankle Binder

Sale Ankle supportAnkle Support

Ankle Support (with Stays and straps)

 240.00  220.00
Sale Arm Pouch

Arm Pouch

 240.00  230.00
arm sling strapARM SLING STRAP

Arm Sling Strap

Sale Backrest

Back Rest Cushion

 1,390.00  1,100.00
Sale Backrest front

Back Rest Cushion

 1,920.00  1,360.00
Sale Below Knee StockingBelow knee stockings

Below Knee Stockings

 660.00  420.00
Sale calf supportCalf Support

Calf Support

 215.00  210.00
Sale cervical collar

Cervical Collar

 390.00  320.00
Sale Cervical Pillow

Cervical Pillow

 840.00  799.00
Sale clavicle braceClavical brace

Clavicle Brace

 325.00  270.00